Butterflies at Reiman

The Banded Orange Butterfly 


Sulphur Apricot Butterfly 


Eleuchia Longwing Butterfly 


 Clipper (Female)
 Great Eggfly
Mocker Swallowtail 


Disturbed Tigerwing Butterfly (male)


Disturbed Tigerwing Butterfly (female)

 Cloudless Sulphur 
Mimic Kite Swallowtail 


Sapho Longwing  


 Tiger Swallowtail
 Palamedes Swallowtail
 Atlas Moth
 Julia Longwing
 Glasswing Butterfly
 Blue Glassy Tiger Butterfly
 Blue Morpho Butterfly
Owl Butterfly


 Hecale Longwing
 Tree Nymph
 Zebra Longwing
Common Postman Butterfly 
[Photos clicked at Reiman Gardens Butterfly Conservatory, Iowa]


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