Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, Cape cod

I am a very sunrise sunset kind of a person. Dawn and dusk are my favorite times in a day. An early morning walk is as dear to me as a late evening stroll. I try not miss the rising and the setting sun whenever I visit a new place. On our recent visit to Cape Cod, we stayed in Eastham and mostly explored outer cape (which I think is a paradise for people like me :)). Though Fort hill is “THE sunrise point” on outer cape, the sun rise from the beaches is beautiful too. As for the sunset, nothing like watching the sun set at low tide on the bay side (I would think any beach on the bay side in Eastham would share that view). Here are a few of the several pics!
Sunset over the Cape Cod Bay

This was during the rising tide, its hard to see the dunes, but I loved the silhouettes of the tall grass and the fence against the setting sun. This was clicked from the patio of the vacation home where we stayed. Beautiful view isn’t it!

Sunrise at Fort Hill, Eastham

We were just on time to see the sunrise! Yaay. Watching the sun rise over the distant Atlantic ocean and the orange glow inching into the little ponds of the salt marsh was a wonderful experience. We also took a short walk along the salt marsh and spotted some herons, ducks and sea gulls (the sea gulls are of course everywhere!)

Sunset at low tide

This has to be the best sun set that over the sea that I have seen. The dunes and hollows add a rich texture to the surface of water and the sun’s reflection in it, but this happens only a little before or after a low tide. We just got lucky to have been there on a day that the sun set and the low tide were in sync!

Sunset over the Atlantic, Great Island Trail, Welfleet

It was partly cloudy so I had to settle with the yellow glow of the setting sun. This was a fun trail. A part of the trail is actually immersed in water at high tide which I found quite interesting. It is not a very popular beach I guess! At this hour, besides us, the only two beings on the beach were a man and his dog.(yup, the two black dots in the picture)

Sunrise at Nauset Light Beach, Eastham

Just another sunrise over the ocean I would have said but one unique thing about the beaches in Cape Cod is that most of the beaches on the ocean side of the cape have a huge dune facing the sea. It just serves as a nice viewing point and one different from actually being down there in level with the sea.

Sunset in Provincetown (the pilgrim monument in the foreground)

We were too late to head to any of the popular sunset points, so we just stayed in the city. The sky was a beautiful pink and the pilgrim monument standing tall came across as a nice foreground. Only there was no sun 😦

Sunrise at the Coast Guard Beach, Eastham

Another sunrise over the ocean. This was at the coast guard beach. Turns out,  there were a lot of other structures here, which are now submerged or moved to higher ground. A part of this road was not usable too due to  the eroding sand and a moving dune – a general problem for the coast line in the Cape. Beauty comes with its own perils.

Sunset at the Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown

We were late again for the actual sun set but we made it on time to enjoy the rich hue painted over the  horizon. The ship made for a perfect silhouette against the red sky, but the lens I have at the moment can not see that far. Probably some other time 🙂



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