Head of the meadow trail – Cape Cod

This trail is a short bike trail, around 4.0 miles round trip (an easy trail, mostly flat and well maintained paved path.) We started at the end of the High head road. The trail ends at the parking lot of the Head of the Meadow beach. The bike trail was not so challenging, but the sandy route on foot towards the beach in the hot sun definitely was. However we were glad we made the trip to the beach.  We spotted several gray seals lazing around on the sand bar.


The tree covered path to head of the meadow beach


Next to the salt meadow




The Atlantic ocean from the highest point on the sand path


A part of the sand path


Gray seals on the sand bar


A closer look. (Well this was the best I managed with my kit lens. The tide was rising by the time we reached the beach, but I hear that you can actually spot the seals on the beach at low tide.)




    • I wish I did! Thank you Glen. You are too kind.
      Ever since I moved to the North east (first western Mass, then Albany, NY), I have made a trip to Cape Cod once every year and I would like to continue to do so…can’t have enough of the Cape! What about you, do you live in Cape Cod?


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