Startling Starlings


A close up of a group of starlings (also called murmuration) in the backyard lawn. Few hundreds of these lovely little birds live in the neighboring woods. They come down to the lawn at break of dawn, pecking, looking for food, nibbling a seed here and a worm there, sometimes taking a break, resting on the overhead power lines, before heading back to the woods.

These birds are similar to the Mynahs, commonly found in Asia with one difference – While mynahs generally are spotted moving around in small groups the starlings have larger and strongly interacting groups. I recently found out there are lovely videos of thousands of these birds making beautiful formations in the sky from simple circles to unending swirls with a very amazing yet strange synchronization. (I haven’t read enough to know the whys and hows of this phenomena, but I definitely know the what :))

Not sure if they will give me company over the winter, but for now, these winged wonders are the “good” in my “good morning” 🙂



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