Befriending a house finch


We recently moved into a new apartment. There are no open green fields nearby anymore where the starlings showed up every morning. We however have a small oak tree near the patio. I noticed some chickadees and finches make frequent visits to the tree and the patio. I assumed the old tenants had a bird feeder somewhere in the patio or the tree, so I hung one too. Its been a week now and I kept seeing this finch sitting on the branch looking at the bird feeder but it would not dare to come near it. I named it Rudolf – why? because red reminded me of Rudolf I guess and because I think for now it is safe to assume that there will not be any deer, let alone a red nose deer frequent the patio of our second floor apartment anyway.

I placed some plants near the feeder and closed the blinds of the patio door, only taking a sneak peek through a tiny opening on the side every now and then. And finally yesterday this little red bird mustered courage to peck at some seeds on the patio floor, which probably slipped through the feeder when I was putting it up. I hope it visits more often and hopefully soon I will get to see more birds feeding off the bird feeder. Until then….I have Rudolf to give me company…..



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