Covered Bridge – Vermont


Along the north bound route 100 scenic byway (October 12th 2015) 

This is my first autumn in this part of the country, and I went online trying to find the best routes, the best spots to experience and click and beautiful landscapes, but there is not much I could find (may be I was not looking hard enough)

Anyway,  I was determined that when I put up pictures online, I will accompany them with the exact location, date and time. And then when we were actually on the road, I realized why it was so hard to do that. Its because the time and date are meaningless because the start and end of the season change from year to year. The locations are an entirely different story all together. 

We would stop at random places without a name, most times with no cell signal to find out exactly where we are, and that is how we found most of the nice spots on the way. So its really hard to tell exactly where I clicked the pictures, just the name of the road sometimes may be a town or a village close by is all I could manage. 


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