Maine by the Night & Day


Imagine walking out of your house to a view like this, as beautiful by the day as it is by the night. I could live there forever. All that was  missing was a telescope and some hot chocolate. 🙂 

We were in Bar Harbor, Maine for the Acadia Night Sky festival, and though both the scenery and the night sky from all other spots in the Acadia national park is spectacular it was super cold for this time of the year. Well, we were  lucky!  All we had to do was to grab a chair and walk a few steps from our room to enjoy the night sky (of course the cloudless sky was a blessing :))

In case you are wondering, we stayed here for the weekend. Bar Harbor, ME 



    • It does take some effort setting up and getting the focus, the foreground and the settings right, but I guess it was my lucky day and the effort was totally worth it. Though if there is ever a next time, I will probably go out in the open, where I can get more of the night sky and less of the trees, that I think will make for a better picture.

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