More cookies!

This past holiday season which now seems like an eon ago, I went crazy with cookie baking. The past few years, I did make a couple different kinds of cookies, but this year with the new cookie cutters to play with and wonderful friends and neighbors to share them with, I went all out. (Scroll down to the end of the post for the links to the recipes I used).

Here are some pics of the different cookies (A little late to the holiday party you may think but I am just slipping back into my blogging mode again. )

Snicker doodle cookies (the red nose reindeers)



 Mint cookies (this pine forest ) 


Peanut Butter Cookies (this army of snowmen


Red Velvet Cookies ( the snowflakes) 


Chocolate chip cookies (the cookie monsters) 


And of course ginger bread men (which I forgot to take pics of or did I? :)) 

I made this one big batch for the holiday party at work 


And then had few of them laid out into little plates for the neighbors too. 


Links to all the recipes I used : 

Snicker doodle (these were perfect, slightly tart, the right amount of soft and chewy), 

Mint cookies and chocolate glaze (the glaze is a little bitter, but goes well with the mint flavor)

Red Velvet (the cookies were delicious but the dough was a tidy bit soft for cut out cookies),

Peanut butter. (the best cut out cookies ever) 

The chocolate chip ones were just using the recipe on the back of the nestle chocolate chips pack. (That is by far the easiest and best recipe for chocolate chip cookies trust me! ). As far as the decoration goes, a little help from google, a little creativity and tons of patience I guess – but it was totally worth it. I think I am taking a sabbatical from cookie baking for now, at least until the next holiday season I guess! – but no guarantees 😀



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