Weekly Photo Challenge : Temporary (Through the window)


As the windy autumn evening tosses and turns, sending the peacefully floating leaves into a frenzy, almost like a choreographed dance gone wrong, gone wrong but still ever so beautiful.


As the bare branches seek blessings from winter, forced to take a bow under the piling snow, the dull, cold, shrinking days make summer but a distant dream.  


As life then rushes in with the birds and flowers and butterflies, an unwavering enthusiasm almost hard to ignore fills the air 


Bringing in the warm summer rains, splashing color on the skies, making a rainbow or two, as the soil sublimes into that earthy fragrance, 

I sit by the window, embracing change, enjoying the temporary ways of life, knowing that nothing is permanent. 


Did you know the word temporary is of latin origin, comes from the word “temporarius” – of seasonal character / lasting for a short time. So for this week’s challenge I chose a set of four pictures that represent – Seasons.

Also I am happy I finally have the picture from autumn to complete the set. 🙂

In response to the weekly photo challenge : temporary



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    • Thank you so much sivylla for dropping by. I am glad you liked the photos and the text as well. You have an interesting blog yourself. Thank you for sharing the link, its a beautiful post.


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