I spy with a digital eye, “a fantasy novel”

(Hint : there’s magic and mischief ) 

So every so often, I will post a pic with the accompanying line:

I spy with a digital eye “……………..”.

If you are interested, take a guess, a wild guess, an informed guess or may be you have a sure shot answer. Leave it in the comments.  The following week, I will post the answer along with any tidbits about the picture that I can remember.

If you are right, well I do not have any prizes or raffles to give away, but you can take pride in investigative work well done, or in your impeccable observation or both! 🙂

THE “I SPY” IDEA : I was browsing through my pictures folder on a snowy winter weekend with a friend, when she started asking me about some of the pictures like what were they or where were they taken! I asked her to take a guess before I gave her an answer. I realized I have a bunch of such pics where a second look, a closer look, a little bit of googling can mean a revelation. 🙂 Also I love games and puzzles. And so the idea for this series of photographs which I call  “I Spy” came into being. (similar to the popular kids’ game – I spy.)