My favorite spot by the nearby lake. One of the very few places, where loneliness and company are equally comfortable. I have seen this place live several lives in a day, with beautiful tales to tell. Some times I am a part of the story but most days I am just another passer by…
I sometimes see, children trying to move the swing, extending every inch of their tiny feet to reach the ground, to gain some momentum, falling off, trying again.
Teenagers sharing stories, their chatter about school, games, books, movies, an inexhaustible enthusiasm about everything they experience, an eagerness to see what the future brings.
Students from the university nearby, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, seemingly carrying this burden of school work,  trying to finish up what they started, contemplating what can be fixed to make life a little more happy, a little less stressful.
Long lost friends exchanging stories, that part of each others life they missed when they were busy living their own.
Love birds, sitting quietly, holding hands, taking turns resting heads on each other’s shoulders,  lost in themselves, oblivious to their surroundings, a picture perfect moment,  like nothing can go wrong now.
I saw once a mom and her kid, his head on her lap, she was telling him a story, I would like to imagine of kingdoms and fairies, of happy endings,
then one time an old man and his grand-daughter, unwinding after a long tiring fishing expedition, giving high fives rejoicing in work well done, content with their catch for the day
Sometimes, a guitarist sits there all by himself, a sticker laden acoustic guitar to keep him company, with a shy smile on his face, as his contagious passion, some forgotten songs and a few melodious tunes fill the air
And then there is this old lady, from one of the asian countries, I am not sure which one. I have seen her many a times,  sitting alone on the swing, staring into the illusive horizon, past the lake, with a longing in her eyes for something she cannot have, she probably misses her country, her family, a loved one. I have no idea what her story is, but she looks worn out and helpless, as if something bothers her so much that  though she tries, all her attempts to find peace are futile, even in a place like this. I feel like going and giving her a hug, may be someday I will!
And when I am here, which is very often, I am generally out for a walk or a run, or with some grumpy friends,  pushed out of their beds unwillingly on weekend mornings for some fresh air and yoga  (which they later thank me for :)) or I simply sit on the swing, sipping a cup of tea from my red and yellow to-go coffee mug, listening to the water and the song birds as I embrace the peace and happiness that this place brings to anyone who decides to spend some time here.