An ocean sunrise.  It is hard to put into words the hope, the promise and the pleasure that the rising sun brings with it as it appears merely as a humble dot at the horizon and soon takes over the morning sky! 


A bay side sun set, where the dunes at low tide shine on,  each with its own sun, a good bye kiss from a beautiful day as the night creeps in. 

Whenever I visit or revisit a place, I try to wake up early to catch the sunrise and find good spots to watch the sunset. (I am not sure what it is about such common place events like the beginning and end of the day, that fascinate me). Of all the places I have been to, Cape cod is one of the few where one has the pleasure of enjoying both an ocean sunrise and an ocean (technically bayside) sun set, and it is here that I have seen my most memorable sun rises and sunsets so far. 

Both these pictures were taken in outer cape (near  Orleans and Eastham in Cape Cod, MA) 

In response to the weekly photo challenge: rise/set