Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger


An unusual visitor in the garden. I was both fascinated by and scared of this bright wasp that paid a visit to my little patio garden a few days back. Turns out it is the great golden digger wasp, a benign gentle wasp (well tell that to the insects it paralyzes) with pretty interesting behavior.

It digs tunnels, puts paralyzed but live insects in it, lays an egg and shuts the tunnel. Its larvae feed on live paralyzed insects once they hatch. The wasp inspects the tunnels before putting the insect inside. Now, if the insect is moved from its position, it will drag the insect back to the entrance of the tunnel and inspect the tunnel all over again (even if the tunnel was just inspected) before putting the insect in.  Is it  programmed behavior or a total absence of short term memory it is hard to say 🙂




Moving forward….leaving behind


The past few months have been crazy! I have been rather busy packing up the past two years of life into small and medium boxes – some sturdy, some fragile, stuffing memories into overflowing suitcases and making “see you soon” promises that probably are as empty as the house we left behind…

Moving to a new place is always exciting, but it is also painful to leave behind a place you called home, familiar faces , accustomed roads….your comfort zone.

Well here’s to new beginnings…hoping what this wise man once said is true –  “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”. – Robin Sharma.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

IMG_3004A baby with its mother. IMG_3017A happy family of four

These baby monkeys are curious little creatures with a lot of energy and playfulness.  They did go around hanging from branches and climbing up trees. But at the slightest hint of danger (aka humans), they ran to their parents much like we do to feel safe and protected I guess. 

I chose these pictures because I liked the way the little monkeys are holding on to their mother’s arm (in both the pics).  Nothing spells “security” better than the embrace of a loved one. 

– – Bonnet Macaques, Athirappilly falls , Sholayar Forest RangesThrissur, Kerala, India

(In response to the weekly photo challenge : security