Weekly Photo Challenge : Experimental (Stir-fried ice cream)


To experiments that worked out great in the end! Stir fried ice cream – who would have thought!

“Stir-fried ice cream “I-Tim-Pad” “ไอติมผัด” in Thai, ice pan ice cream, rolled ice cream or ice cream rolls is a hand made ice cream dessert made with milk poured on an iced grill, mixed with fruit or different ingredients on the ice-pan. “- Source : Wikipedia



Crushing the mixers. (Fresh berries)



Pouring the ice cream on a cold plate. (The ice cream itself had a milk like consistency. ) 



Mixing obviously 🙂 


Spreading it all out into a sheet


Finally rolling 🙂 and done. 


I am not a big fan of ice cream in general, but rolled ice cream is now an exception.  (fresh and light and of course creamy.) Not calling it a life changing experience (well it might as well be), but definitely I would not say no to rolled ice cream. 🙂 

Photos clicked at  D-bar Ice Cream, Salt Lake City, UT.

In response to the weekly photo challenge: experimental.

P.S. I cannot recall the name of the person who rolled the ice creams.  I would have liked to mention him and thank him for letting me take these pics. All I remember is he was a make up artist, but now a full time “Ice Cream Roller”! How cool is that? 🙂 



Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitude


@Lake Waukewan, New Hampshire

There weren’t  many people around the lake. And while the few who were there,  were packing up to head home, she stood there at the end of the landing,  oblivious to the dwindling crowd around her, enjoying  a quiet cloudless sunset on a rather chilly October evening, enjoying her solitude.

In response to the weekly photo challenge: Solitude


Shaftsbury Lake, Vermont (3)

Here are some pictures from the remaining part of the trail. With hanging bridges, and board walks, and more colorful reflections on water all around and an assortment of mushrooms, it took me forever to finish up the last quarter of the trail. I was stopping at almost every step, either to take pictures or just take in the scenery or admire the little umbrellas that have popped up at the oddest of places.


-Shaftsbury lake, Vermont (Oct 9th 2016) 

Shaftsbury Lake, Vermont (1)

We were driving by Vermont this past weekend, and stopped by the welcome center near Bennington, VT. We just had half a day and the lady there suggested this small trail (a little over a 3/4 mile I would say). The trail is beautiful.


We were there on a rainy day, but I assume the water is mostly still on the calmer sunny days. I did catch some reflections of the fall colors in the lake though.


The rail trail right next to the park is an amazing spot to get some good pictures too.


More pics from the rest of the trail on their way. 🙂