I spy : Case I


I spy with a digital eye, this city

(Hint : If you really zoom in, you can probably read some name off the buildings :)) 


So every so often, I will post a pic with the accompanying line:

I spy with a digital eye “……………..”.

If you are interested, take a guess, a wild guess, an informed guess or may be you have a sure shot answer. Leave it in the comments.  The following week, I will post the answer along with any tidbits about the picture that I can remember.

If you are right, well I do not have any prizes or raffles to give away, but you can take pride in investigative work well done, or in your impeccable observation or both! 🙂

If you have a similar picture of your own, post it on your blog and link it to this post, and we can start a “spy ring” or a “spy chain” 🙂

THE “I SPY” IDEA : I was browsing through my pictures folder on a snowy winter weekend with a friend, when she started asking me about some of the pictures like what were they or where were they taken! I asked her to take a guess before I gave her an answer. I realized I have a bunch of such pics where a second look, a closer look, a little bit of googling can mean a revelation. 🙂 Also I love games and puzzles. And so the idea for this series of photographs which I call  “I Spy” came into being. (similar to the popular kids’ game – I spy.) 

P.S. Turns out there is a podcast about surveillance concerns and spying by smart assistants like google, Alexa etc…under the name “I Spy with my digital eye”. It is similar but not in the same spirit as this little game of mine, but  Rant to self: Sigh! When will I come with an idea/ tagline that has not already been thought of…..some day in the near future hopefully!




Weekly Photo Challenge : Serene


Heavenly falls @ Japanese Garden – Portland, Oregon

This little spot in the Japanese garden is so well designed, that  just a few moments by this koi pond, and  you will be drawn to the stillness of the pond and the beauty around it, and the crowd and the noise around you will become but a distant murmur.

It is truly serene…. 🙂 

In response to the weekly photo challenge : serene

Weekly Photo Challenge : Experimental (Stir-fried ice cream)


To experiments that worked out great in the end! Stir fried ice cream – who would have thought!

“Stir-fried ice cream “I-Tim-Pad” “ไอติมผัด” in Thai, ice pan ice cream, rolled ice cream or ice cream rolls is a hand made ice cream dessert made with milk poured on an iced grill, mixed with fruit or different ingredients on the ice-pan. “- Source : Wikipedia



Crushing the mixers. (Fresh berries)



Pouring the ice cream on a cold plate. (The ice cream itself had a milk like consistency. ) 



Mixing obviously 🙂 


Spreading it all out into a sheet


Finally rolling 🙂 and done. 


I am not a big fan of ice cream in general, but rolled ice cream is now an exception.  (fresh and light and of course creamy.) Not calling it a life changing experience (well it might as well be), but definitely I would not say no to rolled ice cream. 🙂 

Photos clicked at  D-bar Ice Cream, Salt Lake City, UT.

In response to the weekly photo challenge: experimental.

P.S. I cannot recall the name of the person who rolled the ice creams.  I would have liked to mention him and thank him for letting me take these pics. All I remember is he was a make up artist, but now a full time “Ice Cream Roller”! How cool is that? 🙂 


The India Gate Experience, Delhi


It was my first time in Delhi this past May. When my friend asked me if I wanted to go spend some time at the India Gate at around 8:00PM, I thought he was kidding. And as soon as I realized he was not, everything that I had ever read about how bad things are in Delhi flashed across my mind. I asked him if we could go there the following morning,  “Better safe than sorry” and he said, “It is safe and you will not be sorry” :).


The unforgiving ever rising mercury, makes it absolutely impossible to venture out during the day, so I guess people just plan their picnics around the evening and continue late into the night in Delhi.  We reached India Gate at 8:30 in the night, around the time when several towns in India actually close down for the day, but this place was brimming with life. It looked like one big fair, with vendors selling interesting merchandise, awesome street food and families and friends having tons of fun. And oh boy did I have fun!

The rest of my vacation was spent mostly meeting relatives, neighbors who I see once every three years or so, being with adults, acting like an adult, baby sitting the kids or helping out the elders. All of which I did enjoy, but not exactly how I would have liked to spend a large part of my vacation. So compared to all that, this was a very pleasant and welcoming change. Two old friends, hanging out, eating street food, bargaining with vendors, blowing bubbles, having the time of their life. 🙂 Though I actually went to visit The India Gate, I do not remember much about the monument itself, though I did get some tidbits from my friend. Probably will have to go there another time during the day, to appreciate the solemnity of the structure. This evening was more fun and frolic.


I bought these wooden colorful bangles, had the famous kala-khatta (an indian flavor for a crushed ice popsicle), watched a slide show on a cinemascope machine (ancient), bargained endlessly for this fountain light. Then we stuffed in some bhel puri, golgappa (nope not paani puri), topped all of this with a meetha paan, chatted for a while lying down on the green grass under the night sky amidst the smiles and laughter from groups of friends and families all around us, and finally, packed up a smile of our own and the memorable evening among other things as we got up to leave. 🙂

My friend  was right! It was one of the highlights of my vacation, an evening I will cherish for a really really long time. Thanks Gyan!

**Some of these pictures were clicked by my friend! And all pictures were clicked using his camera, since I was too scared to carry mine. (sigh! now I keep thinking why? ) His hospitatlity did not end there, we did end up going to Qutub Minar the following day, more pictures (this time from my camera :)) in the next post.