This past year : Springfield on tap (Feb. 2017)


Recently, an article on the internet told me I belong to a group called “Supertasters” – people who find beer unbearably bitter and so do not enjoy it. (Well there are other things that make one a super taster too, but this one surely stuck.)

So as the designated driver for my friends headed to a “beer fest” – Springfield on tap, I had to find ways to keep myself entertained – so I carried my camera along. This was my first time at such an event, so I did not know what to expect really, except a drunk crowd. But it was a lot more fun than I expected. First, many thought I was there to cover the event as an official photographer of sorts ( because lets be real here, who carries a DSLR and a zoom lens to a beer fest :)), which helped a lot with getting people to pose for pics. Secondly, after a few beers, everyone was super happy and friendly, which made interactions all the more fun and sometimes outright hilarious.

My friends got VIP tickets (means a couple more freebies, and you get in at 12:30pm instead of 2:00pm, so you avoid some of the lines and get to taste the good beers before they are gone), and they thought the additional hour and a half was worth it. I got the DD ticket which was 10$, which I thought was totally worth it too – I did end up having a lot of fun. You can find more information on this year’s event here (Feb 3rd 2018) :


Besides a good collection of local beers , there was live music and many games to play and plenty of spots to snap quick selfies or crazy group pics. And if you feel particularly artsy after gulping down a few glasses, there is also a chalkboard, where people a lot of people did let there inner artists out (rather blatantly at times :)). I added to the mess too – drew this New England Patriots logo and was thrilled to see later that someone thought I did a “good job” :). Oh and the patriots did end up getting “ONE MORE”!


I am sorry, I do not really have any information on the type of beers here, because hey I was not there for the beer. But I hope the link to their site above, gives you an idea. Here are a few of the many shots I took at the event.



Behind the scenes 🙂


Those pretzel necklaces are a good idea 🙂 Just saying



Thank you for posing! You guys were awesome 🙂



Live Music!



The crazy chalk board 🙂

What I thought would be a long and boring day, driving a few drunk people to and from Springfield, actually turned out to be a lot of fun. (I thoroughly enjoyed myself even minus the beer).

This is the third year for the event and its in the first week of February, when there is not much to do outside in the cold in New England anyway. So if you are looking for something fun to do in the area, this may be something you can consider. (It is somewhat expensive I have to admit, but then you don’t go to a beer fest everyday or do you? 😉 )

Just FYI!  On the site, it reads: “Seize the hopportunity to try 130+ craft beers in one day at the 3rd annual Springfield on Tap! We’ll be serving up good times and great craft beer and we want YOU to join us. Tip back unlimited samples or hop it up to the VIP level for an additional sampling shenanigans. Sip the day away while enjoying live music entertainment and food from local vendors.”



All Hallow’s Evening :)


A few of us got together to carve some pumpkins for halloween, it was a lot of fun and they look great for the first time I think 😀

P.S.  We used carving kits and the kit is highly recommended if you ever want to try it out.  I had used my kitchen knives earlier, which works okay but the tools in the kit make it way easier to get into more intricate designs.


Too hard to resist or should I say too soft to resist :)


The cookie season (and so the forget the calories season) has officially begun in my house. Chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies..

I have been baking for the last three hours, so I really do not have any appetite for the cookies right now, but I am pretty sure these will all be gone before the weekend if I do not store them away in opaque airtight containers. Such is the power of homemade cookies… too hard to resist or should I say too soft to resist 😀