All Hallow’s Evening :)


A few of us got together to carve some pumpkins for halloween, it was a lot of fun and they look great for the first time I think ūüėÄ

P.S.  We used carving kits and the kit is highly recommended if you ever want to try it out.  I had used my kitchen knives earlier, which works okay but the tools in the kit make it way easier to get into more intricate designs.



Too hard to resist or should I say too soft to resist :)


The cookie season (and so the forget the calories season) has officially begun in my house. Chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies..

I have been baking for the last three hours, so I really do not have any appetite for the cookies right now, but I am pretty sure these will all be gone before the weekend if I do not store them away in opaque airtight containers. Such is the power of homemade cookies… too hard to resist or should I say too soft to resist ūüėĬ†