Weekly Photo Challenge : Silence


Twice everyday, the tide rushes in and twice each day it recedes. It brings with it overflowing exuberance and leaves behind an endearing silence. 

A quiet morning at low tide on the Cape Cod Bay near Eastham, MA  

In response to the weekly photo challenge : silence


Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitude


@Lake Waukewan, New Hampshire

There weren’t  many people around the lake. And while the few who were there,  were packing up to head home, she stood there at the end of the landing,  oblivious to the dwindling crowd around her, enjoying  a quiet cloudless sunset on a rather chilly October evening, enjoying her solitude.

In response to the weekly photo challenge: Solitude


As the sun rises…





Nauset Beach, Cape Cod, MA

We stayed in Ship’s Knees Inn in Orleans. A bed and breakfast place, small rooms, quaint place, but tastefully decorated, and great food and a very nice ambience. The best part however was that it was just a 5 minute walk to Nauset Beach. So did not have to plan ahead to enjoy this beautiful sunrise, just had to wake up and show up at the beach :).