Weekly Photo Challenge : Variation on a theme



Molecular variation!

They say no two snowflakes are the same, molecularly speaking, (though they can be almost identical) The difference comes from the molecular arrangement of the extensive network of water molecules as water freezes. It is amazing how a slight twist, a slight tilt in the arrangement of the same number of water molecules creates this vast variety of shapes and patterns.

These are four of about thirty flakes that landed on my woolen glove :). Each beautiful, each magical, each unique. 

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Silence


Twice everyday, the tide rushes in and twice each day it recedes. It brings with it overflowing exuberance and leaves behind an endearing silence. 

A quiet morning at low tide on the Cape Cod Bay near Eastham, MA  

In response to the weekly photo challenge : silence

Weekly Photo Challenge : Weathered



Remains of S.S. Atlantas, the second concrete ship constructed for the World War I Emergency Fleet (at a time when steel was scarce). It was a functional ship (who would have thought – a concrete ship :)) until 1926, when a storm ran it aground near Sunset Beach @ Cape May, NJ. Since then, rain, sun, wind and water have taken a toll on the ship. The pictures above are what remains of the ship that once criss crossed the Atlantic. 

The cormorants seem to have made it their home for now and will probably stick around until the ship is completely gone. Check out the photos on this link too see the gradual decay of the ship from when it first hit ground to the present day. 

Here’s what the sign reads :


In response to the weekly photo challenge : weathered

P.S. Sunset beach in Cape May is also famous for Cape May diamonds, did you know?


Weekly photo challenge : cheeky


Amur tiger @ Bronx zoo, NY.

 Tiger Mountain was our last stop for the day at the Bronx Zoo. Most of the tigers had disappeared into the woods. There was some sort of whistle we could hear, probably calling the other tigers in, so we did not think we would see any of these magnificent animals.  But luckily for us, while all others had left, this one just sat there in plain sight,  merrily basking in the sun. Such a rebel 😀 

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Serene


Heavenly falls @ Japanese Garden – Portland, Oregon

This little spot in the Japanese garden is so well designed, that  just a few moments by this koi pond, and  you will be drawn to the stillness of the pond and the beauty around it, and the crowd and the noise around you will become but a distant murmur.

It is truly serene…. 🙂 

In response to the weekly photo challenge : serene