I spy : Case I


I spy with a digital eye, this city

(Hint : If you really zoom in, you can probably read some name off the buildings :)) 


So every so often, I will post a pic with the accompanying line:

I spy with a digital eye “……………..”.

If you are interested, take a guess, a wild guess, an informed guess or may be you have a sure shot answer. Leave it in the comments.  The following week, I will post the answer along with any tidbits about the picture that I can remember.

If you are right, well I do not have any prizes or raffles to give away, but you can take pride in investigative work well done, or in your impeccable observation or both! 🙂

If you have a similar picture of your own, post it on your blog and link it to this post, and we can start a “spy ring” or a “spy chain” 🙂

THE “I SPY” IDEA : I was browsing through my pictures folder on a snowy winter weekend with a friend, when she started asking me about some of the pictures like what were they or where were they taken! I asked her to take a guess before I gave her an answer. I realized I have a bunch of such pics where a second look, a closer look, a little bit of googling can mean a revelation. 🙂 Also I love games and puzzles. And so the idea for this series of photographs which I call  “I Spy” came into being. (similar to the popular kids’ game – I spy.) 

P.S. Turns out there is a podcast about surveillance concerns and spying by smart assistants like google, Alexa etc…under the name “I Spy with my digital eye”. It is similar but not in the same spirit as this little game of mine, but  Rant to self: Sigh! When will I come with an idea/ tagline that has not already been thought of…..some day in the near future hopefully!




Weekly Photo Challenge : Variation on a theme



Molecular variation!

They say no two snowflakes are the same, molecularly speaking, (though they can be almost identical) The difference comes from the molecular arrangement of the extensive network of water molecules as water freezes. It is amazing how a slight twist, a slight tilt in the arrangement of the same number of water molecules creates this vast variety of shapes and patterns.

These are four of about thirty flakes that landed on my woolen glove :). Each beautiful, each magical, each unique. 

In response to the weekly photo challenge : variation on a theme