Weekly Photo Challenge : Silence


Twice everyday, the tide rushes in and twice each day it recedes. It brings with it overflowing exuberance and leaves behind an endearing silence. 

A quiet morning at low tide on the Cape Cod Bay near Eastham, MA  

In response to the weekly photo challenge : silence


Weekly Photo Challenge : Weathered



Remains of S.S. Atlantas, the second concrete ship constructed for the World War I Emergency Fleet (at a time when steel was scarce). It was a functional ship (who would have thought – a concrete ship :)) until 1926, when a storm ran it aground near Sunset Beach @ Cape May, NJ. Since then, rain, sun, wind and water have taken a toll on the ship. The pictures above are what remains of the ship that once criss crossed the Atlantic. 

The cormorants seem to have made it their home for now and will probably stick around until the ship is completely gone. Check out the photos on this link too see the gradual decay of the ship from when it first hit ground to the present day. 

Here’s what the sign reads :


In response to the weekly photo challenge : weathered

P.S. Sunset beach in Cape May is also famous for Cape May diamonds, did you know?


And so it begins….


This past weekend we had the first snow of the season. And so it begins….the shoveling, the heating, the waiting, the slipping, the falling, the cursing –  (rinse and repeat). Welcome to the winter wonderland. 🙂 

P.S. To me,  a snow covered landscape still looks pretty! (even after spending nine winters in the Midwest and New England)


Weekly Photo Challenge : Serene


Heavenly falls @ Japanese Garden – Portland, Oregon

This little spot in the Japanese garden is so well designed, that  just a few moments by this koi pond, and  you will be drawn to the stillness of the pond and the beauty around it, and the crowd and the noise around you will become but a distant murmur.

It is truly serene…. 🙂 

In response to the weekly photo challenge : serene

Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Lake George, NY

I am glad I jump up with joy and not with fear when someone says hikes now. I am finally getting the hang of it, and though I am still the slowest and completely out of breath by the time I make it to the top of any mountain, I kind of like hiking now.

These pics are from our hike up the Sleeping Beauty mountain in late spring this year. It was a manageable, almost easy hike with spectacular views of the lake. We decided to park at the Hogs town parking lot, which added about 3.0 miles to the 4 mile hike. But we did not mind it in the lush green almost flat road.


Views of Lake George and the surrounding area from the top. IMG_8665IMG_8666IMG_8667IMG_8702IMG_8726

On the way back we stopped by the Bumps pond – bad idea, the trail was very muddy and we had to hop on stones to get around the lake. IMG_8788IMG_8789

We did stop by the town for a quick snack and ice cream 🙂 IMG_8826

All in all a day well spent. Any ideas on why the mountain is called sleeping beauty? Google hasn’t come up with a convincing answer so far!

Night Sky @ Arches National Park, Utah

IMG_2810 copy-002

What lies in front of us is but a tiny speck in what lies beyond… matters of the matter.  


This was my second attempt at capturing the mesmerizing Milky Way. The first time it was at Acadia National Park,Maine, and this time around it was at the Arches National Park, Utah.  More on my night sky photography adventures (excerpts from an absolute beginner) in a later post.

You can check out the pic from Acadia here. It looked neat to me then, but I barely edited it.

So this time,  I decided to try my hand at photo editing using GIMP, the free version of Photoshop. Still have to straighten out a few details (literally :)), reduce noise, play around with the colors  but I am happy with the pic for now. One baby step at a time. 

This was how the pic looked before editing. 


Photo clicked at the Arches National Park, Utah (from the area near the window arches)*

*as far as I remember 🙂