Night Sky @ Arches National Park, Utah

IMG_2810 copy-002

What lies in front of us is but a tiny speck in what lies beyond… matters of the matter.  


This was my second attempt at capturing the mesmerizing Milky Way. The first time it was at Acadia National Park,Maine, and this time around it was at the Arches National Park, Utah.  More on my night sky photography adventures (excerpts from an absolute beginner) in a later post.

You can check out the pic from Acadia here. It looked neat to me then, but I barely edited it.

So this time,  I decided to try my hand at photo editing using GIMP, the free version of Photoshop. Still have to straighten out a few details (literally :)), reduce noise, play around with the colors  but I am happy with the pic for now. One baby step at a time. 

This was how the pic looked before editing. 


Photo clicked at the Arches National Park, Utah (from the area near the window arches)*

*as far as I remember 🙂


Shaftsbury Lake, Vermont (3)

Here are some pictures from the remaining part of the trail. With hanging bridges, and board walks, and more colorful reflections on water all around and an assortment of mushrooms, it took me forever to finish up the last quarter of the trail. I was stopping at almost every step, either to take pictures or just take in the scenery or admire the little umbrellas that have popped up at the oddest of places.


-Shaftsbury lake, Vermont (Oct 9th 2016) 

Shaftsbury Lake, Vermont (1)

We were driving by Vermont this past weekend, and stopped by the welcome center near Bennington, VT. We just had half a day and the lady there suggested this small trail (a little over a 3/4 mile I would say). The trail is beautiful.


We were there on a rainy day, but I assume the water is mostly still on the calmer sunny days. I did catch some reflections of the fall colors in the lake though.


The rail trail right next to the park is an amazing spot to get some good pictures too.


More pics from the rest of the trail on their way. 🙂

Maine by the Night & Day


Imagine walking out of your house to a view like this, as beautiful by the day as it is by the night. I could live there forever. All that was  missing was a telescope and some hot chocolate. 🙂 

We were in Bar Harbor, Maine for the Acadia Night Sky festival, and though both the scenery and the night sky from all other spots in the Acadia national park is spectacular it was super cold for this time of the year. Well, we were  lucky!  All we had to do was to grab a chair and walk a few steps from our room to enjoy the night sky (of course the cloudless sky was a blessing :))

In case you are wondering, we stayed here for the weekend. Bar Harbor, ME