Wordless Wednesday: Dare to be different



Too hard to resist or should I say too soft to resist :)


The cookie season (and so the forget the calories season) has officially begun in my house. Chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies..

I have been baking for the last three hours, so I really do not have any appetite for the cookies right now, but I am pretty sure these will all be gone before the weekend if I do not store them away in opaque airtight containers. Such is the power of homemade cookies… too hard to resist or should I say too soft to resist 😀 




Leaves from the nearby Bradford pear tree.  I am in love with this tree. 

It is the first to bloom in spring, and the last one to shed leaves come winter.

I think just like us, it embraces the first change and resists the other. 🙂