Weekly Photo Challenge : Dance

IMG_1344The Pelican Dance

( Well technically the birds are just cleaning up their feathers with their extra long beaks, but everything these giant birds do, they do it with such grace, whether they are gliding along waves, soaring in the sky or resting on the rocks. ) 

If you are ever in the Los Angeles area with a car at your disposal, this beautiful beach is definitely something you would want to add to your itinerary. 🙂 

Group of brown pelicans at the EL Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA

(In response to the weekly photo challenge : Dance)




    • Oh yea, the webbed feet! I wonder how they found the grip. Do you have a picture?
      Lucky you! You live near such a beautiful place. I was only there for a weekend and was left mesmerized. This beach especially has such pretty rock formations and the birds just add to its beauty. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience.


      • Don’t live there now but it is still “on our regular trail” and have visited that whole stretch of coast many many times. I’m not complaining though because I get to live in the beautiful Northwest. I’m surrounded by lots of different kinds of water here (including the rain) but I do miss the ocean. I didn’t capture the birds on the wire but you’ve inspired me to post some pelican shots though. LOVE that bird. Thanks again.


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