Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

IMG_3004A baby with its mother. IMG_3017A happy family of four

These baby monkeys are curious little creatures with a lot of energy and playfulness.  They did go around hanging from branches and climbing up trees. But at the slightest hint of danger (aka humans), they ran to their parents much like we do to feel safe and protected I guess. 

I chose these pictures because I liked the way the little monkeys are holding on to their mother’s arm (in both the pics).  Nothing spells “security” better than the embrace of a loved one. 

– – Bonnet Macaques, Athirappilly falls , Sholayar Forest RangesThrissur, Kerala, India

(In response to the weekly photo challenge : security



    • They most certainly are adorable. 🙂
      But these monkeys are considered as pests in certain places in India where they can wreak havoc. They are so used to having people around that they really don’t care. However, it was this nonchalance, that helped me photograph them up close. It was fun! I have so many more pictures that I have been meaning to share, hopefully soon. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by..

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    • Thank you! Someday, I hope I can click beautiful emotion stirring portraits like you do, but until then I guess I will stick to animals and birds 😉


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